Robert Rooney - Marriage Commissioner Calgary

Congratulations!  You're engaged, and now you're busy putting together the wedding ceremony that will celebrate your commitment to each other.

There are many aspects that you have to consider when you're getting married, and one of them is who is going to conduct the ceremony.

There are two kinds of wedding officiant.  Some people are married by clergymen - a minister or priest - while others choose a civil,
non-religious wedding.  In some provinces the second kind of ceremony is performed by a Justice of the Peace - also called a JP - or a judge.  In Alberta civil weddings are the responsibility of a Marriage Commissioner.

My name is Robert Rooney, and I am a Marriage Commissioner licensed by the Province of Alberta to perform civil marriage ceremonies.  I have had the privilege of officiating at weddings since
2007.  It's always an honour to be included in such an important day in people's lives.

Any kind of wedding can be accommodated by the civil ceremony,
including cross-cultural and same sex, or gay, marriages.

Whatever your circumstances, I am sure we can craft a wedding that will set just the right tone to celebrate your marriage.  If you would like to know more, please give me a call at 403-275-1704, or go to my webpage at

Robert Rooney - Marriage Commissioner Calgary